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Break Free from the Negative Past

Freedom is not only related to a country, but also from the limited belief system, bad habits, illness, poverty, and so on. For children, freedom to play more is a big thing. For a teenager, freedom is space and non interference of elders in their lifestyle. Women belonging to orthodox family want freedom to work outsi

A Secret Invisible Life

A Secret Invisible Life

In a world which is going crazy, about getting likes and attention at all costs, your heart yearns for invisibility because you know in your depth that none of that can genuinely ever fulfill you. In fact, nothing from the outside can ever honestly come close to filling your heart...

Why We Choose Misery Instead of Bliss

Why We Choose Misery Instead of Bliss

The only duty you have is to be happy. Make it a religion. If you are not happy, then whatsoever you are doing, something must be wrong and some drastic change is needed. Let happiness decide. I am a hedonist. And happiness is the only criterion man has. So always look at what happens when you do something: if you become peaceful or restful, it is right.

How Shall We Live

The Meaning of Life: How Shall We Live?

How shall we live? What shall we live for, if anything? How we can decide right from wrong? Is there any reasonable way to answer these questions that doesn’t require us to fall back on blind faith? Let’s Ask the Old Greeks People have been striving to answer these questions...

Question of Life

The Question of Life

The question of Life – I think the way to approach it is dispassionately and know you will never have the real answers. Every religious tradition has an answer that addresses this question, some in agreeable and some in disagreeable ways. The Navajo Indians are the only Native Americans who...

life is growth school

Life is a Growth School

Life is a wonderful gift from god which we have to cherish at every moment. Life is like a growth school and life experiences are so designed by a compassionate and intelligent universe to help us evolve. Anything which happens happens for a reason and hence we need to develop an...

Secret of Happiness

Secret of Happiness

Everyone of us wants to be happy and blissful but happiness has different meanings for different people… In my point of view nothing big will happen to make you Happy. Even small things can make you happy–A smile on the face of a roadside child when you offer him or...