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Colours and Directions in Feng Shui

The basic directions are 4—North, South, East and West. In Fengshui each direction is associated with a specific element, celestial animal and a particular colour. The correct knowledge of these enables us to energize the various directions in an appropriate manner. North is attributed to the element water and its...

Feng Shui Directions

The Importance of Directions in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui the five elements fire, water, metal, earth and wood are mutually related to the eight directions of the compass. Together they show us how to activate your luck. Each direction is associated with an element and an area of your life. The eight directions are: South North East...

Interior Decor

Feng Shui tips – Interior De’cor

Interior decoration is primarily concerned with the appropriate use of space, light and colour to create a perfect atmosphere for various activities such as sleeping, dining and working. Fengshui is primarily concerned with the location of ch’i to enhance the potential of the occupants. If the interior decoration is done...