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Colours and Directions in Feng Shui

The basic directions are 4—North, South, East and West. In Fengshui each direction is associated with a specific element, celestial animal and a particular colour. The correct knowledge of these enables us to energize the various directions in an appropriate manner. North is attributed to the element water and its...


Holi – Festival of Colours

Holi is a social festival. It is a festival of colours. People of all ages celebrate it with full fervour. Holi enjoys the status of even a national festival as this is the only festival which is celebrated by one and all irrespective of caste and religion. Holi is celebrated...


What Hue Are You Today?

Believe it or not, but what hue you are tells more about how you are on a particular day. We live in the wonderful world of colours. These colours have a profound effect on our psyche. We all respond in different ways to different colours; some colours help us to...