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Attract Abundance

Change Outlook And Attract Money

Diwali is festival of “light and abundance”. Light means ‘absence of darkness’. We understand “darkness” in mundane sense, where there is no light. Darkness is not symbolic of evil, negativity, and social evils only. For me “darkness” is also our negative thoughts and negative conditioning which we are still carrying...


The Abundance Mindset

The “outrage script” is the mindset that balks at seeing someone spend $10,000 for a hotel room stay. It’s the mindset that would label this an extravagant or wasteful purchase. I believe this mindset is a huge mistake.

Finding Way Back Home

Finding the Way Back Home

It was night time. Being a mother of newly born twins, she slept earlier than her husband. All her life, Priya craved for more and more. She wished to have a big house, more like a mansion with several servants working under her command. She dreamt of having a rich...


Creating Abundance 

Abundance is not a big outer far fetched dream, rather abundance is an inner flower that blossoms first within. When we see dreams we have their blueprints, before they turn true. A seed contains all the possibilities of a tree. All you need is to nurture and take care of...

Feng Shui for Kitchen

Grow Your Abundance In The Kitchen

Layout of the kitchen is crucial to the health, happiness and wealth of the family. The kitchen is considered as the source of wealth and health. Ideally your kitchen should be located in the special direction called the T’ien Yi direction which is the best location for the kitchen