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How can we be truly happy?

How Can We Be Truly Happy?

If we look at the words “worldly life,” what does that entail? Most people are all leading their lives to achieve the same goal that is happiness. To reach there, people engage in similar activities. They begin their life as children needing food, clothing, shelter, love, education, health, and safety...

Mantra Chanting

Meditation with Mantra Chanting

There is meditation (Dhyana) with Japa (Japa -Sahita) that meditation including chanting. There is meditation (Dhyana) without Japa (Japa-Rahita) that is meditation without chanting. This is advised that in the beginning one should combine meditation with chanting.


Is It Possible To Meditate Without Any Technique?

The question you have asked is certainly of great importance because meditation, as such, needs no technique at all. But techniques are needed to remove the obstacles in the way of meditation. So it has to be understood very clearly: meditation itself needs no techniques, it is a simple understanding,...

Forms of Meditations

Forms of Meditation

There are many forms of meditation. Everyone’s idea of meditation is very different. You don’t need to adhere to the idea of a yogi sitting cross-legged with eyes closed to meditate. Make everyday activity of your life into

Mauni Amavasya

Mauni Amavasya – Pause For Silence

Mauni Amavasya this year falls on 2nd of February, the fifteenth day of the dark midnight of Magh. This is the most important day to practice self-control and to look within ourselves. Mauna or observing silence is derived from the word ‘muni’-the one who remains in silence. Silence here is...


Snack Meditation

Recall your last visit to the dietician. He advised you to have small meals at short intervals, isn’t it? This keeps the metabolic rate high as they say and this in turn not only ensures loss of excess weight but also keeps the energy levels zooming. So it is with meditation....