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You Need A New Home According To Feng Shui

You Need A New Home According To Feng Shui

  Home is a source of comfort. You spend most of your time at home. You rejuvenate and restore energy in the rooms of your abode. If you’ve had your home for years, it will be a challenge to replace it even if feng shui suggests it. Moving into a...

Daughter of the House Moves on - Vastu perspective

Daughter of the House Moves On – Vastu Perspective

  Kanyadaan , or “Giving Away” of the daughter of the house is one of the most sacred and respected duties of an Indian Householder family. While daan literally means donation, in modern times it essentially transliterates as Finding a worthy groom for the daughter and lovingly giving her away...

Love is in the air

Love Is In The Air

Whether one is single or married, this time of the year when Cupid is around, there is a desire to be with one’s beloved. We once again want to attract or reinforce a healthy, balanced and harmonious relationship which keeps us going throughout the year. Valentine’s Day comes with the...


Feng Shui Tips – Fu Dogs

Fu Dogs are majestic characters half dragon and half lion possessing mythic powers for protection and defence. They were extensively used in old china to guard palaces, offices, homes and business premises. They are popular even today for a similar purpose. They are kept in pairs one of them being...

Feng Shui for Kitchen

Grow Your Abundance In The Kitchen

Layout of the kitchen is crucial to the health, happiness and wealth of the family. The kitchen is considered as the source of wealth and health. Ideally your kitchen should be located in the special direction called the T’ien Yi direction which is the best location for the kitchen


Feng Shui for the Garden

The philosophy of yin and yang can be applied in the layout of a garden to bring about balance and harmony and Feng Shui is all about balance and h


Colours and Directions in Feng Shui

The basic directions are 4—North, South, East and West. In Fengshui each direction is associated with a specific element, celestial animal and a particular colour. The correct knowledge of these enables us to energize the various directions in an appropriate manner. North is attributed to the element water and its...

Feng Shui Directions

The Importance of Directions in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui the five elements fire, water, metal, earth and wood are mutually related to the eight directions of the compass. Together they show us how to activate your luck. Each direction is associated with an element and an area of your life. The eight directions are: South North East...

Interior Decor

Feng Shui tips – Interior De’cor

Interior decoration is primarily concerned with the appropriate use of space, light and colour to create a perfect atmosphere for various activities such as sleeping, dining and working. Fengshui is primarily concerned with the location of ch’i to enhance the potential of the occupants. If the interior decoration is done...

mandarin ducks

Feng Shui Tips – Mandarin Ducks

Though February is the shortest month of the year, yet it is the only month when love is in the air…..Two festivals of love fall in this month vasant panchami and valentine day. Let me tell you a story, no, not of St.Valentine or of the tricks of the Cupid...

Feng Shui for Teenager's Room

Feng Shui Tips – Harmonise Your Teenager’s Room

Feng shui can do a lot to adjust and improve the academic performance of the child by harmonising and balancing his room. Layout, colour scheme and atmosphere of the surrounding can tremendously effect a child’s mind as their ch’i, mind and bodies are more impressionable. The bed should lie diagonally...


Feng Shui Tips – All About Ch’i

Ch’I is one of the most important concepts of Feng Shui. A simple translation of ch’I is “breath”. It is the life force or the cosmic energy vital to all objects in this universe. It breathes life into plants, animals and humans and propels us along the path of life....


What’s in a Calabash?

Well it’s your health. A Calabash or a Wu-Lu as it is called is symbolic of longevity and health. According to Chinese mythology, Wu-Lu is associated with the god of longevity (Sau Sing). Wu-Lu, as such, is a dried gourd believed to hold the elixir of health and longevity. As...