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You Need A New Home According To Feng Shui

You Need A New Home According To Feng Shui

  Home is a source of comfort. You spend most of your time at home. You rejuvenate and restore energy in the rooms of your abode. If you’ve had your home for years, it will be a challenge to replace it even if feng shui suggests it. Moving into a...

Effect of Jupiter's Transit

Effect of Jupiter’s Transit on Moon Signs for 2017-18

  Jupiter is the most influential planet in astrology. If Jupiter is well placed, the native will gain strong position in financial and career front. Jupiter bestows native with good fortune, essence of knowledge, marriage, children, political power, and an all-round prosperity. Jupiter has transited from Virgo to Libra on September...

Rahu and Ketu

Significance of Rahu and Ketu in One’s Life

  Rahu and Ketu…This is one topic that has always involved quite a lot of mystery. Basically, Rahu and Ketu denote the two points where the paths of the sun and the moon intersect as they move around in the celestial sphere. These cause eclipse to the sun and the...

Heal with Colours

Colour Therapy – How to Use Colours to Heal Yourself

  Colour is the language of the soul. Life will be dull without colours. Colours does affect ones feelings , emotions, mood & state of mind. Colours are essential for our body and soul, it keep our batteries charged. Colour therapy is called chromotherapy. It is able to use light ...


Medicine Buddha Mantra – Meaning and Benefits

  The Medicine Buddha mantra actually contains the remedy of the whole graduated path to enlightenment. Mantra TAYATA OM BHEKANDZE BHEKANDZE MAHA BHEKANDZE RANDZA SAMUNGATE SOHA Meaning of the Mantra Tayata = Gone beyond (beyond Samsara and Nirvana) Om = Om: jewel holder, wish fulfilling one, auspicious one Bhekandze Bhekandze...


Heal Your Patterns with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  Healing emotions is a powerful part of the healing process. Usually, emotions are dismissed as annoying or insignificant in our day-to-day life. But we don’t realize the power they hold over us. Emotions are the glue. They are what makes us more human capable of feeling happiness, sadness or...

Everything you should know about Mangal dosha

Everything You Should Know about Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha is one of the most commonly found doshas in anyone’s kundali these days. We have seen that every third or fourth person is Manglik. Do you know what is it? If no, let us give you the answer of this first. According to Vedic Astrology, 5 planets are...

Why Are There So Many Healing Systems?

Why Are There So Many Healing Systems?

Healing is about reaching a state physically, mentally and emotionally, where we feel comfortable and peaceful. Healing is not a function of just body or just mind or just soul. Healing is about creating balance. When things go out of balance, healing is needed to balance them out. Our body...

Breath-Doorway to a new dimension

Breath: Doorway to a New Dimension

We are breathing continuously from the moment of birth to the moment of death. Everything changes between these two points. Everything changes, nothing remains the same. Only breathing is a constant thing between birth and death. The child will become a youth; the youth will become old. He will be...

Ecology of the SOul

Ecology of the Planet and Soul

The perfect balance of nature which has maintained life on our planet for millions of years is being threatened by the technology that has transformed the modern world. Every day the media reports new threats to the environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the land from...

How Astrology helps in choosing a right partner

Astrology Can Help in Choosing the Right Partner

Everyone has his or her own set of interests, likes, dislikes, hobbies, habits, strengths, lows, attractions and everyone has his own mind set. It is not necessary that the thing or act liked by you must be appreciated by everyone because each person will think differently about that thing or act....

A Very Real Spirituality

A Very Real Spirituality

I used to never like being at home much. I would always be seeking for a new high, new opportunities, higher excitement, and newer groups. Always thrill seeking, nothing was ever enough. These days however just being at home, having a chat with mum, laughing with my brother, getting a...

Osho on Astrology

Osho on Astrology

In the name of astrology, ninety-nine percent of astrologers are only bluff. Only one percent know that astrology is a vast subject – so vast that someone can only enter into it hesitatingly. The astrology I am talking about is of much depth. Something essential between your life and the universe is connected, is in a rhythmic harmony.

How can we be truly happy?

How Can We Be Truly Happy?

If we look at the words “worldly life,” what does that entail? Most people are all leading their lives to achieve the same goal that is happiness. To reach there, people engage in similar activities. They begin their life as children needing food, clothing, shelter, love, education, health, and safety...

Art Therapy

Art Therapy v/s Art as Way of Life

Can art be a healing force for people with mental disorders like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia etc.? How? Art Expression has been and is vital not just for people with disorders but all living people. First let’s consider the very premise of art – when you sit with a blank paper...


How To Get The Best Out of A Psychic Reading

Everyone, however cynical or rational likes to have their fortune read. Divination fascinates human beings and different cultures have produced myriad forms of looking into the future such as the tarot, runes, astrology, I-Ch’ing, cards, tea leaf reading, pendulums etc to name only a few. New Age thinkers have offered...


Chakras & Astrology

The Astrology is a cosmic portrait of the human imprints from past life karmas along with the guideline to sail through the present life. We often refer our horoscope and when something is not going well, people are tempted to follow certain remedies which are external, whereas we miss the divine opportunity hidden in it to find our true self.

Choose your company wisely

Choose Your Company Wisely

In some places, people plant a poorer quality rose next to a higher quality rose. This is done to prevent the poorer quality rose from self-pollination, which would genetically continue the poorer quality rose. The concept is designed so that the higher quality rose will pollinate and raise the poorer...


Benefits of Using Violet Flame

After learning Reiki I started attracting knowledge of many different healing modalities. I live in a small city where latest knowledge was not easily accessible. I used to visit Amritsar, forty kilometres from my home town to buy books related to Reiki and other healing therapies. I had habit of...