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The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Book Review : The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

A thriller elucidating a varying perspective on Sufism, Islamic mysticism, faith and most of all – Self Love, one finds it totally difficult to come out of the grasping visuals painted beautifully by the author herein.

Cut Your Cords

Cut Your Cords – Clear Your Attachments

If you have been feeling drained and exhausted off late especially after interacting with someone physically or over the phone or Internet, you may have negative energy cords attached to them. If you have a problematic association or interaction with someone and you are connected to them strongly on an emotional level, the cord cutting can help you immensely by clearing the negative energy and creating space for clearer communication.

Roots of Relationship

Roots of Relationships

Relationships are an invitation for each one of us to dive and look inside of ourselves. A very real and practical ground for spirituality to flower within us and discover all shades, aspects of ourselves. With the busyness of our lives, and the habitual patterns we are caught up in, we often do not look tenderly and intimately within ourselves and see the undercurrent of our relationships. Are we innocent, vulnerable, genuine?  In a very simple human way, are we in connection with ourselves and the significant others in our lives?

Friendship is Higher Than Love

Friendship Is Higher Than Love

Friendship has a higher quality than love. The next step of love is friendship. Not that it is lower, as it is understood ordinarily; it is not. In love there is passion, lust; love is more rooted in the physical. Friendship is purer, not rooted in the sexual at all....

3 mistakes that keep you stuck in unhappy relationships

3 Mistakes That Keep You Stuck And Unhappy In Relationships

1. Stuffed Closet Syndrome 2. Its not my Fault 3. Old wine in a new bottle 1. Stuffed Closet Syndrome What? Stuffed closet syndrome refers to the situation when we keep suppressing negative emotions, memories and past events in our relationships without really resolving them because its too painful or depressing...

9 Signs

9 Signs That You Are In A Wrong Relationship

Being in relationships can be a beautiful experience but it can be confusing and difficult as well. Many a times people ask me how do I know if this guy is the right one for me or should I date this guy or not or I am not sure what’s...


Friendship – The Most Precious Gem

Life is unimaginable without friends. Friends act as a life line at times of need. If someone asks me why friends in my life come on the top, because I was not given the choice to choose my parents, siblings and other relatives…. Rather I was born in certain circumstances...

in laws

In laws – Your Laws or Mine!

One of the many relationships in human life is that of the In-laws. If you choose to get married, that is, or maybe get out of a marriage. An “in-law” has b


My Relationship

Thirty years of our life Being spent as husband and wife Has been a journey quite unique Sometimes swimming deep beneath Sometimes walking on mountain peak No path of life is free from obstacle Success depends on how you tackle Over expectation is bad for love to grow And ego...


Rishta – Nibh Jaye to Baat Kya!

कहीं नहीं मिलते, कहीं ख़रीदे नहीं जा सकते कहीं से ढूंढे नहीं जाते कहीं से उग के नहीं आते यह बनते है इंसानो से कुछ बनते है म


Unconditional Love Or Sick Relationships

There is only one possibility for sanity to exist in relationships so they don’t turn into inferiority and superiority games, so they don’t become sado-masochistic tortures. And that only possibility is in the presence of an unconditional love. Love is the greatest alchemy.


Why People End Their Relationships

At a workshop in Mexico last month, I invited the audience to brainstorm a list of reasons for ending a relationship. Why do people break up? The group came up with about 40 different reasons. I’m sure if we kept going, we could have come up with dozens more. I also...

Heal Your Relationships with Violet Flame

Heal Your Relationships with Violet Flame

What is Violet Flame? Ever wish there was a way you could wipe out your past mistakes? While you cant go back in time, the Violet Flame which is a Divine transformational tool, given to us by Ascended Master Saint Germain has the power to erase, or to transmute the...

Emotional Vampire

Emotional Vampires

Vampire sounds scary, doesn’t   it? And yet emotional vampires are all around us. And we never really notice them, which makes them even more insidious! An emotional vampire is a person who feeds on your emotions, leaving you drained of energy, because emotions are a form of energy. At...

Letting Go in Relationships

Letting Go – The Painful Lesson

If you are in a painful relationship or know someone who is, you are aware that true love can bring with it a lot of suffering, especially after one of you has decided to break it off. We all know the more obvious methods of releasing someone’s memory from our...

Space in Relationships

Space in Relationships

Umpteen articles talk about ‘tips’ on Dating, on Relationships, on how to please your Man/Woman and so on. But do we really abide by them? Forget about abiding, do we even remember the so called tips? Is love a book, some science, which can be read, analyzed, explained, and then...