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Waking up to a New Truth

Waking Up to a New Truth

My father is a narcissist. My mother a victim. After living with them for 37 years I realized how that has shaped my life experiences and relationships. He was always into sadistic pleasures. He is an extremely successful person with a respectable following. Professionally he was known as one of...

freedom note

Freedom: Note of A Free-Faller

It’s the idea that I have lived by, all my years. I have wanted to get it tattooed on my arm for the past 10 years or so. But I haven’t till now. Perhaps because I still do not understand it completely. Freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is not freedom at all. Ahhhh! Good things

Gautam buddha

Freedom is the very Law of Life

Anand Maitreya, freedom for Gautama Buddha is the very law of life. Hence there is no contradiction. Life itself is rooted in freedom. We are not machines, we are not preprogramed. We are utter freedom — now it is up to us what to make of it. All the alternatives are open, we can choose any alternative that is our cho

Mind is confusion

Mind is Confusion

The bhikkhu who guards his mind And fears the waywardness of his thoughts Burns through every bond With the fire of his vigilance Yes, meditation is fire – it burns your thoughts, your desires, your memories; it burns the past and the future. It burns your mind and the ego....

The 4 Key Laws of Manifesting Desire

The 4 Key Laws of Manifesting Desire

The universe that we live in contains infinite possibilities, creativity, knowledge, and life. In order to bring life into a state of peace, there are universal laws. The greatest universal law is the law of attraction. Universe has created many systems to manifest a person’s deepest desires. Every individual has...

weighty issues

Weighty Issues

  France banned unhealthy models May 3rd 2017 by law according to which, models require a doctor’s certificate attesting their state of health to be compatible for their work. Another law says photoshopped images to be labelled if being published. A great step towards restraint the industry for setting up...

Inner child healing

Inner Child Healing

  Ever wonder why all your life going from one relationship to another, you feel a constant void to be filled in? This emptiness in you waiting to be cradled, longing for your attention. We all end up just suppressing it by some or other means. Using alcohol or drugs...

Practice Spirituality for Personal Growth

Practice Spirituality for Personal Growth

Growth and evolution are two significant goals of becoming more spiritual. Yet without or with any particular spiritual hard work, people continue to grow and evolve. This kind of drive is programmed to the very nature of all of the life- a natural pull toward evolution, growth and transformation.  If...

Allowing the Feminine to Flower

Allowing the Feminine to Flower

  For a long time, humanity has given too much significance to the masculine because survival has been the dominant factor. Masculine will naturally be the dominant force when survival is a dominant aspect. It is only when societies handle their survival well and reach a certain level of stabilized...

Attract Abundance

Change Outlook And Attract Money

Diwali is festival of “light and abundance”. Light means ‘absence of darkness’. We understand “darkness” in mundane sense, where there is no light. Darkness is not symbolic of evil, negativity, and social evils only. For me “darkness” is also our negative thoughts and negative conditioning which we are still carrying...


Men and Women: Polar Opposites

Beloved master, There is research in the west that suggests that men are happier being married than not, and that the suicide rate is lower for married men. And that the reverse is true for women. Please comment. There is a difference between the male mind and the female mind;...


Heal Your Patterns with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  Healing emotions is a powerful part of the healing process. Usually, emotions are dismissed as annoying or insignificant in our day-to-day life. But we don’t realize the power they hold over us. Emotions are the glue. They are what makes us more human capable of feeling happiness, sadness or...

How Shall We Live

The Meaning of Life: How Shall We Live?

How shall we live? What shall we live for, if anything? How we can decide right from wrong? Is there any reasonable way to answer these questions that doesn’t require us to fall back on blind faith? Let’s Ask the Old Greeks People have been striving to answer these questions...


Thank You Louise Hay for your Light

Louise Hay passed over on August 30th 2017. Her name needs no introduction. For the uninitiated, she was the woman who revolutionised our thinking about mind, emotions and body. She said it loud and clear – mind and body is connected – in more ways than we have previously known...


Reaction and Karma

Buddha says: When action comes out of nothing it creates no karma. When you act out of nothingness, you respond; it is no longer a reaction. It has truth…

From Bondage to Freedom

From Bondage to Freedom

A scientist has written to me. He works in a scientific lab where artificial human organs are made – hands, legs, liver, heart – all human parts. His confusion is “whether I am going against nature, because the factory-produced heart is not as good as the natural heart. Am I...

How To Attract Growth Oriented Friends

How to Attract Growth-Oriented Friends

A survey I did a while back revealed that about 40% of my readers have zero friends they’d consider growth-oriented, and another 20% only have one such friend. Many people who are attracted to my blog don’t have much social support for their personal growth pursuits. They often feel isolated...

Explore the Joys of Being Alone

Explore the Joys of Being Alone

It’s important to learn to be alone. Alone is not lonely. It is about enjoying your own company, not needing someone or something. Being alone is not being sad. It’s about learning to enjoy your company. The gift of aloneness is meditation, contemplation and awareness. When you stop needing someone,...

Psychology of anger

The Psychology of Anger

The psychology of anger is that you wanted something, and somebody prevented you from getting it. Somebody came as a block, as an obstacle. Your whole energy was going to get something and somebody blocked the energy. You could not get what you wanted. Now this frustrated energy becomes anger…anger...

Manifesting dreams with visualization

Manifesting Dreams with Visualisation

Teenage and youth is also age of dreams, when we indulge in day dreaming without any effort. I remember, day dreaming was my favourite time pass. I could spend hours in day dreaming thinking about my desires and wishes. I was told that I live in utopia and I’m impractical,...

Power of Gratitude

Power of Gratitude

As it is said, “Gratitude opens the door to abundance.” When we talk about abundance many think it as a far fetched dream which is very difficult to manifest in reality. We have limited set of beliefs based on our experiences.The universe work under some set of laws that need...


Personality Types – Toxic or Nourishing

Personalities can be divided into two categories. One, psychologists call the T-personality, toxic, and the other they call the N-personality, nourishing. A toxic personality is always looking at things in a negative way. A perfectionist is a toxic personality. You cannot say that something is wrong in a perfectionist, but