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Krishna Janamashtami

Krishna Janamashtami

Krishna Janamashtami is a festival which reminds you that the birth of Lord Krishna was to pave peace and harmony in the lives of people who were enslaved and tortured, and for the destruction of Evil and the Emergence of truth, honesty, love and forgiveness! It is to inculcate the...

Independence and Freedom

Independence and Freedom

There is a difference between Independence and Freedom. What we have been celebrating is the independence of India from a colonial foreign rule whereas all this while it has been under the slavery of our own people. Yes, politicians are Indians, MPs are Indians, our PM is an Indian, but do...

Rakhi-Bond of Brother-Sister

Rakshabandhan – The Bond of Brother-Sister

Do you remember the small fights with your siblings on funny reasons and then patch ups? Childhood is considered as best part of life. Life seemed to be so simple with having small issues of chocolate and toy fights. When I think about my Indian tradition I feel very proud...

Guru Purnima Mantra

Guru Purnima Mantra

The full-moon day (purnima) in July is the auspicious (Poornima) day when Guru Poornima is celebrated by worshipping our Guru, the spiritual master. A qualified spiritual master is essential to learn self-realization. Bhagavadgita (Ch.4.34) asks one to learn the truth through a Guru or spiritual master, inquire from him submissively...


Buddha Poornima – The Day of Enlightenment

A group of young girls sang along playing the sitar as they crossed the forest where a young monk sat under a tree, his body reduced to a skeleton by starvation and severe yogic practices. In my opinion this was the moment of enlightenment for the young monk who later


Significance of Navratra

Navratra is a Sanskrit word formed by the union of two words ‘Nav’ – meaning nine and ‘ratra’ – meaning night. Here number 9 is of great importance. It is magical to see that when we enumerate the table of number nine, 9 gets repeated again and again…viz. 9, 18(1+8=9),...


Holi – Festival of Colours

Holi is a social festival. It is a festival of colours. People of all ages celebrate it with full fervour. Holi enjoys the status of even a national festival as this is the only festival which is celebrated by one and all irrespective of caste and religion. Holi is celebrated...


Mahashivratri – Quest for Balance

Lord Shiva is the representation of the energy from which everything was born and to which everything in the universe will disintegrate into.  The universe is made of 3 gunas (गुण) – satva, rajas and tamas – which are Divine Love (creation), Divine Wisdom (preservation) and Divine Power (destruction) represented...

Basant panchami

Basant Panchami – Festival of Love

Yeh Mausam Ka Jadu Hai Mitwa, Nahi Dil Pe Kabu Hai Mitwa… So goes the popular bollywood number aptly describing the flavour of the spring season. Trees are already shedding their leaves and the breeze is swiftly sweeping them away as if preparing to welcome the king of seasons–“Ritu Raj...

Mauni Amavasya

Mauni Amavasya – Pause For Silence

Mauni Amavasya this year falls on 2nd of February, the fifteenth day of the dark midnight of Magh. This is the most important day to practice self-control and to look within ourselves. Mauna or observing silence is derived from the word ‘muni’-the one who remains in silence. Silence here is...