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Krishna Janamashtami

Krishna Janamashtami

Krishna Janamashtami is a festival which reminds you that the birth of Lord Krishna was to pave peace and harmony in the lives of people who were enslaved and tortured, and for the destruction of Evil and the Emergence of truth, honesty, love and forgiveness! It is to inculcate the...

Independence and Freedom

Independence and Freedom

There is a difference between Independence and Freedom. What we have been celebrating is the independence of India from a colonial foreign rule whereas all this while it has been under the slavery of our own people. Yes, politicians are Indians, MPs are Indians, our PM is an Indian, but do...

From Bondage to Freedom

From Bondage to Freedom

A scientist has written to me. He works in a scientific lab where artificial human organs are made – hands, legs, liver, heart – all human parts. His confusion is “whether I am going against nature, because the factory-produced heart is not as good as the natural heart. Am I...

Benefits of being a vegetarian

Benefits of Being A Vegetarian

In the last decade, we have witnessed an explosion of scientific knowledge that has made more information available to humanity than in all previously recorded history. Due to the dedicated research of scientists and doctors, we now understand more than ever before about our physical body and what measures promote...

How can we be truly happy?

How Can We Be Truly Happy?

If we look at the words “worldly life,” what does that entail? Most people are all leading their lives to achieve the same goal that is happiness. To reach there, people engage in similar activities. They begin their life as children needing food, clothing, shelter, love, education, health, and safety...

Heart and Soul

Call of the Heart and Soul

Trapped in a world of obligations and expectations, he was suffocated. Every time he went to the work place, he felt like taking a U-turn. But, something stopped him every time. His own voice, in his head, echoing, ‘There’s no other way. Where will you go? You’re not financially independent....

Finding Way Back Home

Finding the Way Back Home

It was night time. Being a mother of newly born twins, she slept earlier than her husband. All her life, Priya craved for more and more. She wished to have a big house, more like a mansion with several servants working under her command. She dreamt of having a rich...

Girl with the Golden Hair

Girl with the Golden Hair

She kept running till it was dark. Finding her way out of this dark forest, she dint know how she got trapped in the first place. Life seemed so simple at first. It was a series of happenings, she recalled. Being scared wasn’t her thing but she just had to...

My Interpretation of Religion

My Interpretation of Religion

The more I closed my eyes before God The more I realised my ignorance towards the social evils   The more I climbed the stairs of the temple The more I realised that my life is a journey not a destination   The more I rang the bells before the...


How To Deal With A Loss Of A Loved One- A Tribute To CHELSEA

Pets give us the most unconditional form of love on earth! ​ I love animals, especially dogs. Being an empath I share a deeper connection with them. I always love spending time with animals whether they are domesticated or strayed. Even the pets of my relatives and friends just disown...

Gift of Random Act of Kindness

6 of Earth – The Gift of Random Act of Kindness

I was travelling back home after meeting my cousin. She had given me some accessories some for myself and others if I can find someone eligible to use them. While I was walking towards Andrews Ganj, I was thinking about how emotionally dry have I become. When I was taking...

Make me thy tuning fork

Make Me Thy Tuning Fork

If it’s a sign, it’s telling it must want to speak to me. If it’s a word,  it must mean to lead me. If it’s travelled, it has come across the unknown it must want to meet me. And how shall I read it? And how shall I prepare to...


My Relationship

Thirty years of our life Being spent as husband and wife Has been a journey quite unique Sometimes swimming deep beneath Sometimes walking on mountain peak No path of life is free from obstacle Success depends on how you tackle Over expectation is bad for love to grow And ego...

Looking for me

Looking For Me

If he could only explain to the whole world how much and how madly he loved her, how she possessed him, how he was nothing but her and how fully united he felt even though they had never actually met in person. How he could possibly tear his heart open...


Rishta – Nibh Jaye to Baat Kya!

कहीं नहीं मिलते, कहीं ख़रीदे नहीं जा सकते कहीं से ढूंढे नहीं जाते कहीं से उग के नहीं आते यह बनते है इंसानो से कुछ बनते है म


Alternative Housing Lifestyles for Remote Workers

Ask anyone who works remotely about their quality of life, and they will gladly indulge in telling you every bit of it. The freedom from regular office life has proven to be quite liberating since this lifestyle has become quite accessible. Thoughts of remote work conjure up images of people...

Rakhi-Bond of Brother-Sister

Rakshabandhan – The Bond of Brother-Sister

Do you remember the small fights with your siblings on funny reasons and then patch ups? Childhood is considered as best part of life. Life seemed to be so simple with having small issues of chocolate and toy fights. When I think about my Indian tradition I feel very proud...

Guru Purnima Mantra

Guru Purnima Mantra

The full-moon day (purnima) in July is the auspicious (Poornima) day when Guru Poornima is celebrated by worshipping our Guru, the spiritual master. A qualified spiritual master is essential to learn self-realization. Bhagavadgita (Ch.4.34) asks one to learn the truth through a Guru or spiritual master, inquire from him submissively...

June Special

June 2011 Special

This month’s Kaleidoscope is a water crystal and is dedicated to the immensely useful and powerful element of life – Water. Water is the food of life, and essential for life, for all things arose from the sea. It quenches the thirst of the earth made barren by fire and...


Buddha Poornima – The Day of Enlightenment

A group of young girls sang along playing the sitar as they crossed the forest where a young monk sat under a tree, his body reduced to a skeleton by starvation and severe yogic practices. In my opinion this was the moment of enlightenment for the young monk who later

One Good Deed

One Good Deed may create a Miracle!

ONE GOOD DEED can touch a thousand hearts. I know it and you know it as well! There have been several such moments where we have realised that may be one Good deed has helped someone out of a disaster. This is the reason I am sharing a true life incident...


Meri Dadi

मेरी दादी जैसे सीप में मोती वैसे दादी और पोती मैं उनकी नन्ही परी और प्यारी रसभरी| Jaise seep mein  moti, vaise dadi aur poti. Mein unki nanhi pari, aur pyaari rasbhari. फल लाती, दूध लाती, गेंद लाती, झूला झुलाती| गो़द में सुलाती, लोरी भी सुनाती, मेरे पापा-मम्मी से मुझे...

Healing power of water

Healing Power of Water

Water has wonderful healing powers and heals the human body in a miraculous manner. Many of us know it but in daily practice, we forget this bliss of nature. We drink water when we feel thirsty. We generally fail to understand the body signals regarding the deficiency of water in...