Book Review: Losing My virginity and Other Dumb Ideas by Madhuri Banerjee


Just like everyone has a story of their first date, or their first crush, or even first sex, this book is all about Kaveri’s encounter with her ‘first love’, besides her books of course! A woman in her thirties, the fact that she’s still a virgin haunts her like anything. The contentment of having a job which pays well, isn’t enough for she wants to wander into this unknown world of dating men. Little did she know what future has in store for her. Knowing seven languages and being an interpreter by profession, she falls for a guy – her ‘Great Love’ or ‘Greek God’ as she calls him not knowing about his future plans. As Kaveri comes to realise how big a mistake she has made, she experiences a rollercoaster ride, regretting her choices after hitting rock bottom in her love life.

This story is mainly set up in a Bengali backdrop, wherein Kaveri is portrayed as an independent and spirited woman, living alone in a Mumbai apartment. The various twists and turns in her life are quite intriguing. The author has done a remarkable job into detailing the life and problems faced by a thirty-something woman, fighting with the stereotypical questions of the society for her yet-to-be-decided-marriage!

As for those readers who find their sweet escape in Drama and romance, this book offers both- with an interesting hidden question: Is it Love that matters or Sex? Having experienced both in just a span of one year, her journey has a perfect masala-edge to it. From giving blunt accounts of her initial life, her supposedly ‘de-virginizing’ dates to having finally found peace in her life, the author beautifully lays every incident with Kaveri’s take on each of them. Most women in Indian society can relate to her story and learn a lot.

Publisher: Penguin Books


Arushi Sharma

Arushi Sharma is a writer by profession and a wildlife enthusiast. She has actively participated in Leadership Training Service Programmes during her school life. Besides this, she has been working in the Management and Human Resource department for Beats Music Academy. She is an Advocate, writing under the pen name R.S. and currently working as a freelancer, you can reach her at for any queries or feedback.

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