Author: Steve Pavlina

How Shall We Live

The Meaning of Life: How Shall We Live?

How shall we live? What shall we live for, if anything? How we can decide right from wrong? Is there any reasonable way to answer these questions that doesn’t require us to fall back on blind faith? Let’s Ask the Old Greeks People have been striving to answer these questions...

How To Attract Growth Oriented Friends

How to Attract Growth-Oriented Friends

A survey I did a while back revealed that about 40% of my readers have zero friends they’d consider growth-oriented, and another 20% only have one such friend. Many people who are attracted to my blog don’t have much social support for their personal growth pursuits. They often feel isolated...


The Abundance Mindset

The “outrage script” is the mindset that balks at seeing someone spend $10,000 for a hotel room stay. It’s the mindset that would label this an extravagant or wasteful purchase. I believe this mindset is a huge mistake.


Getting Started with a Lifestyle Transition

Here’s a mock conversation about getting started with a lifestyle transition, one that models many conversations I’ve had in the past. Friend: I really don’t like my job. Steve: Why not? Friend: The environment sucks, I don’t feel like my work actually matters, and I don’t feel connected with my...


Why People End Their Relationships

At a workshop in Mexico last month, I invited the audience to brainstorm a list of reasons for ending a relationship. Why do people break up? The group came up with about 40 different reasons. I’m sure if we kept going, we could have come up with dozens more. I also...


Staying Conscious While Under Attack

How can I maintain high self-esteem in light of frequent negative external feedback? I try to maintain a positive attitude, but I’m so easily brought down by those around me. Their words and actions often trigger me to