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Real Communication to Heal Relationships

We are living in a world of technology. Just a phone call away from our friends and family. International calls are free due to many applications. Due to social networking sites, many old friends are found again and got in touch again. To kill loneliness people seek friends on social...


Break Free from the Negative Past

Freedom is not only related to a country, but also from the limited belief system, bad habits, illness, poverty, and so on. For children, freedom to play more is a big thing. For a teenager, freedom is space and non interference of elders in their lifestyle. Women belonging to orthodox family want freedom to work outsi

Resolutions to Bring Healthy Change

Resolutions to Bring Healthy Change This New Year

As we prepare for another beginning of new year, many of us are getting ready to make resolutions to change something about our lives in the new year. Some aim to achieve weight loss, some high growth in business or career. Some promise to quit smoking and some aim to...

Art of Appreciation

The Art of Appreciating 

  As we enter the last month of this year and its time to say goodbye to this year and get ready to welcome new year. Most of us have habit of looking back at the important happenings and experiences gained in this year. Time is a great teacher as well...


Aura and Colour Healing

  Life is unimaginable without colours. The nature has showered its bounty with so many colours. Have you ever wondered over the colour combination of flowers and butterflies and more? They are so vibrant and perfect. The moment we leave our normal environment and travel to a new landscape, the...

Misconceptions Regarding Reiki

Misconceptions Regarding Reiki

  Reiki is healing therapy having its origins in Buddhism. This is simple way to experience meditation and spiritual growth. Reiki was used by Buddhist monks centuries ago. Reiki is an energy healing system, rediscovered by Japanese Master Dr. Mikao Usui in early 20th century and evolved as a result...

Attract Abundance

Change Outlook And Attract Money

Diwali is festival of “light and abundance”. Light means ‘absence of darkness’. We understand “darkness” in mundane sense, where there is no light. Darkness is not symbolic of evil, negativity, and social evils only. For me “darkness” is also our negative thoughts and negative conditioning which we are still carrying...

Understanding Yoga

Understanding Yoga

These days the ancient science of yoga is revived again and is becoming very popular. Yoga is now famous not only in India but elsewhere in the world too. Last year in Uttarkashi, I met a lady from Czech, who had learned Yoga in India, many years ago. She had...

Different Aspects of Yoga

Different Aspects of Yoga

After much research, science has come to conclusion that stress is the major cause for all problems. Yoga has become part of treatment along with convention

Manifesting dreams with visualization

Manifesting Dreams with Visualisation

Teenage and youth is also age of dreams, when we indulge in day dreaming without any effort. I remember, day dreaming was my favourite time pass. I could spend hours in day dreaming thinking about my desires and wishes. I was told that I live in utopia and I’m impractical,...

Power of Gratitude

Power of Gratitude

As it is said, “Gratitude opens the door to abundance.” When we talk about abundance many think it as a far fetched dream which is very difficult to manifest in reality. We have limited set of beliefs based on our experiences.The universe work under some set of laws that need...


Creating Abundance 

Abundance is not a big outer far fetched dream, rather abundance is an inner flower that blossoms first within. When we see dreams we have their blueprints, before they turn true. A seed contains all the possibilities of a tree. All you need is to nurture and take care of...


Benefits of Using Violet Flame

After learning Reiki I started attracting knowledge of many different healing modalities. I live in a small city where latest knowledge was not easily accessible. I used to visit Amritsar, forty kilometres from my home town to buy books related to Reiki and other healing therapies. I had habit of...


Pendulum – A Divination Tool

Many of us must have seen ‘a pendulum ‘ in some movies, especially when the protagonist is facing some problems, and is brought to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist would use a pendulum to communicate with the subconscious mind of the patient. He would induce the protagonist into hypnosis by telling...


Friendship – The Most Precious Gem

Life is unimaginable without friends. Friends act as a life line at times of need. If someone asks me why friends in my life come on the top, because I was not given the choice to choose my parents, siblings and other relatives…. Rather I was born in certain circumstances...

Mantra Chanting

Meditation with Mantra Chanting

There is meditation (Dhyana) with Japa (Japa -Sahita) that meditation including chanting. There is meditation (Dhyana) without Japa (Japa-Rahita) that is meditation without chanting. This is advised that in the beginning one should combine meditation with chanting.

Rakhi-Bond of Brother-Sister

Rakshabandhan – The Bond of Brother-Sister

Do you remember the small fights with your siblings on funny reasons and then patch ups? Childhood is considered as best part of life. Life seemed to be so simple with having small issues of chocolate and toy fights. When I think about my Indian tradition I feel very proud...

First Love

First Love

It’s February and love is in the air. One day is hug day, another kiss day, chocolate day… and so on till the 14th February “Valentine’s Day”. Everybody especially teenagers and youth is excited and seem to express their love to their loved ones. I also do the same, but...