Author: Namita Sethi


How To Get The Best Out of A Psychic Reading

Everyone, however cynical or rational likes to have their fortune read. Divination fascinates human beings and different cultures have produced myriad forms of looking into the future such as the tarot, runes, astrology, I-Ch’ing, cards, tea leaf reading, pendulums etc to name only a few. New Age thinkers have offered...

Emotional Vampire

Emotional Vampires

Vampire sounds scary, doesn’t   it? And yet emotional vampires are all around us. And we never really notice them, which makes them even more insidious! An emotional vampire is a person who feeds on your emotions, leaving you drained of energy, because emotions are a form of energy. At...

Letting Go in Relationships

Letting Go – The Painful Lesson

If you are in a painful relationship or know someone who is, you are aware that true love can bring with it a lot of suffering, especially after one of you has decided to break it off. We all know the more obvious methods of releasing someone’s memory from our...