Author: Deepali Parmar

Art Therapy

Art Therapy v/s Art as Way of Life

Can art be a healing force for people with mental disorders like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia etc.? How? Art Expression has been and is vital not just for people with disorders but all living people. First let’s consider the very premise of art – when you sit with a blank paper...

Make me thy tuning fork

Make Me Thy Tuning Fork

If it’s a sign, it’s telling it must want to speak to me. If it’s a word,  it must mean to lead me. If it’s travelled, it has come across the unknown it must want to meet me. And how shall I read it? And how shall I prepare to...

Looking for me

Looking For Me

If he could only explain to the whole world how much and how madly he loved her, how she possessed him, how he was nothing but her and how fully united he felt even though they had never actually met in person. How he could possibly tear his heart open...