Author: Ashi Sharma

weighty issues

Weighty Issues

  France banned unhealthy models May 3rd 2017 by law according to which, models require a doctor’s certificate attesting their state of health to be compatible for their work. Another law says photoshopped images to be labelled if being published. A great step towards restraint the industry for setting up...


How To Deal With A Loss Of A Loved One- A Tribute To CHELSEA

Pets give us the most unconditional form of love on earth! ​ I love animals, especially dogs. Being an empath I share a deeper connection with them. I always love spending time with animals whether they are domesticated or strayed. Even the pets of my relatives and friends just disown...

Gift of Random Act of Kindness

6 of Earth – The Gift of Random Act of Kindness

I was travelling back home after meeting my cousin. She had given me some accessories some for myself and others if I can find someone eligible to use them. While I was walking towards Andrews Ganj, I was thinking about how emotionally dry have I become. When I was taking...