A Walk with a Wise Friend


A Walk with a Wise FriendIn the Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth a fictional universe, Gandalf was often referred to as Mithrandir. A pilgrim and wanderer who could often be counted upon for counsel during times of difficulties. That word struck me and always stayed with me. Gandalf was often looked upon as a friend who had the highest interest at heart in any situation and would aid the unfolding of liberation and freedom.

In the same spirit, isn’t that what all need at times, in our own lives?  Many times through our lives all we really need is a wise friend. Someone who’ll lovingly hold us, reflect us back to our own inner wisdom and Serve as mirrors and an open, non-judgemental environment.

In all our years haven’t we all benefited from that kind of space?  Of someone holding us, Loving us, just as we are, Listening to us wholly. In fact such times often stand out as one of the most transformative things for us. We can all use a space to go be empty, to be guided, to be counselled in the highest sense of the word which means, to offer, share and partake in the wisdom of life. It doesn’t belong to any one person; it is from the bounty of life. It is in you! It is in me. It is everywhere.

And yet the paradox is, how rare it is for us to find such spaces in the midst of our life.


What would it feel like for you, to walk with a wise friend as you are caught up in the rigmaroles of life? What could such a stroll result in? Could it perhaps shift the course of your life? Could it bring about a radical inner shift in your orientation? Could it make you more available to all life, and listen to the call of the moment. ?

The nitty gritty challenges and fierce difficulties of live will always demand that we re-examine our ways and open our hearts to greater love and wisdom constantly. Each instant is a call for that. And we all need that, accepting nourishing space from time to time in whatever form it comes.

And all Life is an offering, where we’re free to come with your two feet. To rant, open up, breakdown and let go of our hidden agendas and look at life afresh with the eyes of beauty and surrender. There is a beauty that only heartfelt surrender can bring, which often happens in the alchemy of Alone-ness and Togetherness. An aloneness that is intimate and together with the world.

Of this am sure my friend, there lies within you such vastness and wisdom, it’ll surprise the harshest critic in the world, You!

So who are you walking with my friend?

Sometimes all it takes is some quietness, Stillness and a walk, preferably with yourself.


So come, let us walk. And you may just realize that the wise friend is you after all!

Rohit Sasvehalli

Rohit Sasvehalli is a coach and facilitator, having worked with thousands over 9 years. His unshakeable faith in the depth and potential of the human spirit led to his founding Mithrandir. Mithrandir is a wise guide, friend and counsel who helps you look within yourself for your answers with deep calm and clarity. Mithrandir reveals the impact of our lives, and the sense of greater awe and discovery that we can lead it with He Has a deep understanding of the ontological coaching approach (focused on the being) and the subtler nuances of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Gestalt (Feeling centric approach) among many other approaches. Off lately he has also been integrating these with many other creative methods of investigation such a film therapy, poetry, creative writing, games etc He has served as visiting faculty in various prestigious management colleges and has coached and facilitated for middle & top management teams in various reputed organisations. He is deeply devoted to and fascinated by what lies inside of the human spirit, the profoundness of it and how magnanimous it is. To discover this immensity and if let travel free is a thing of rare beauty. That is the attempt in everything he does. Fb Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/Mithrandir-Walking-with-a-Wise-Friend-1706771122952528/ Reach Rohit at rohit.v316@gmail.com

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