Myths and Truths of Speed Dating

Questioning the fact why he did for what he did. Or, ‘why did she block me? I didn’t even do anything.’ Hidden in our minds, is the process to find logics to every situation, without which we won’t survive. But, is the answer really out there for you to find?...

Republic Day

Be Open to Possibilities – A Message for this Republic Day

As Einstein has pointed out that ‘we cannot expect a different result if we keep on doing the same thing over and over again’ Listening to patriotic songs and watching movies of great inspiration, blaming our leaders, political parties and the drama attached is one way to feel better about...


Break Free from the Negative Past

Freedom is not only related to a country, but also from the limited belief system, bad habits, illness, poverty, and so on. For children, freedom to play more is a big thing. For a teenager, freedom is space and non interference of elders in their lifestyle. Women belonging to orthodox family want freedom to work outsi

freedom note

Freedom: Note of A Free-Faller

It’s the idea that I have lived by, all my years. I have wanted to get it tattooed on my arm for the past 10 years or so. But I haven’t till now. Perhaps because I still do not understand it completely. Freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is not freedom at all. Ahhhh! Good things

Gautam buddha

Freedom is the very Law of Life

Anand Maitreya, freedom for Gautama Buddha is the very law of life. Hence there is no contradiction. Life itself is rooted in freedom. We are not machines, we are not preprogramed. We are utter freedom — now it is up to us what to make of it. All the alternatives are open, we can choose any alternative that is our cho

Bed Date and beyond3

Bed, Date and Beyond!

You know how they just come and go from our lives without any clue. Several days of texting and calling, without any revert backs. It’s upsetting as hell! Specially, when you’re emotionally vulnerable and prone to getting attached faster than a Bugatti! Yes, I’m referring to the current dating fads,...

Mind is confusion

Mind is Confusion

The bhikkhu who guards his mind And fears the waywardness of his thoughts Burns through every bond With the fire of his vigilance Yes, meditation is fire – it burns your thoughts, your desires, your memories; it burns the past and the future. It burns your mind and the ego....

Basant panchmi

The Day He came to Know

‘Life. What is it, Dada?’ ‘Umm… Take a guess dear.’ ‘I don’t know. May be its living here in Durgapur.’ ‘Oh really?’ (laughs) ‘I don’t know. Ma keeps saying we’ll go to Delhi soon. But I don’t see it happening. I know this place in and out. But I want...

Relationships in the age of Speed Dating

Relationships in the Age of Speed-Dating

The definition of romance has changed, even the kind of dating we prefer has taken a different path. Ever since I tried this online dating app, my curiosity grew more. ‘Girl meets boy’ is no longer the ideal form. It’s not like lesbian or gay couples didn’t exist earlier, but people know and accept more now. With time, ma

The 4 Key Laws of Manifesting Desire

The 4 Key Laws of Manifesting Desire

The universe that we live in contains infinite possibilities, creativity, knowledge, and life. In order to bring life into a state of peace, there are universal laws. The greatest universal law is the law of attraction. Universe has created many systems to manifest a person’s deepest desires. Every individual has...

Makar Sakranti

Makar Sakranti

Makar Sankranti, for most of the northern regions in India, or Thai Pongal for Tamil Nadu, or Magh Bihu for Assam, or Uttarayan for Gujarat, is the festival referring to a Solar day as per the Hindu calendar, occurring in January every year. For the farmers, it is considered one of the main festivals and as India has b

Angel Therapy Review Cropped

Book Review: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

When Doreen began writing Angel messages and guidance for healing methods, she had a lot of unusual chocolate cravings and headaches. At first, she couldn’t understand the reason for it. When she asked angels for guidance, they told her that because she was channeling high-vibrating angelic messages for the book,...

A Secret Invisible Life

A Secret Invisible Life

In a world which is going crazy, about getting likes and attention at all costs, your heart yearns for invisibility because you know in your depth that none of that can genuinely ever fulfill you. In fact, nothing from the outside can ever honestly come close to filling your heart...

Resolutions to Bring Healthy Change

Resolutions to Bring Healthy Change This New Year

As we prepare for another beginning of new year, many of us are getting ready to make resolutions to change something about our lives in the new year. Some aim to achieve weight loss, some high growth in business or career. Some promise to quit smoking and some aim to...

2018 Predictions

Predictions for 2018 according to Moon Signs

In 2018 the placement of Saturn, also called the justice planet, will be in Sagittarius throughout. This planet teaches you to take things seriously, value opportunities and respect everyone. Jupiter will be in Libra bringing lots of improvements and changes this year. Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn will...

No Mud, No Lotus

Book Review: No Mud, No Lotus – The Art of Transforming Suffering by Thich Nhat Hanh

In this extraordinary book, one of the world’s most renowned Zen Buddhist masters teaches us how to find happiness by getting past suffering. He shows us how the only way to do this is by acknowledging and transforming suffering, not running away from it. He shares with us the practices of stopping, mindful breathing a

Love is all

The Spirit of Christmas

  She heard a sound The dawn of another day ‘At last, it’s Christmas!’ ‘Let’s go kids, Go out and play!’ White all around, above and beneath. Ground covered like marinated cheese. Snowman winked, Larry got a glimpse Kayla giggled as the dog jumped on Sam, All seeming pleased. Bright...

A Christmas Close to Heart

He didn’t say..but I knew it. Something in his voice told me he’s excited. ‘I told Maii that these bunk rooms would be ready within no time. But I couldn’t do it. It’s been three years. She still has to get a visa. She’ll come soon.’ He pointed towards the...

A Week Before Christmas

A Week Before Christmas

  Wiping off the coffee marks on her table, she looked up at those rising flames. Fireplace in the front reminded her of his family. Aunt Jenna, Sarah, and Mike, Joanna, Jeremy, and Kaira. There wasn’t a single holiday that went by without their presence, in the past four years....

holiday depression

Holiday Depression

  ‘I couldn’t think of anything back then and just had to have a drink when they all left for their respective homes. I mean, I didn’t feel like going to my Mom’s. It was all too depressing after Dad died.’ Karan, 25 recalls how holidays didn’t feel like a...

weighty issues

Weighty Issues

  France banned unhealthy models May 3rd 2017 by law according to which, models require a doctor’s certificate attesting their state of health to be compatible for their work. Another law says photoshopped images to be labelled if being published. A great step towards restraint the industry for setting up...

Why We Choose Misery Instead of Bliss

Why We Choose Misery Instead of Bliss

The only duty you have is to be happy. Make it a religion. If you are not happy, then whatsoever you are doing, something must be wrong and some drastic change is needed. Let happiness decide. I am a hedonist. And happiness is the only criterion man has. So always look at what happens when you do something: if you become peaceful or restful, it is right.

Inner child healing

Inner Child Healing

  Ever wonder why all your life going from one relationship to another, you feel a constant void to be filled in? This emptiness in you waiting to be cradled, longing for your attention. We all end up just suppressing it by some or other means. Using alcohol or drugs...

Art of Appreciation

The Art of Appreciating 

  As we enter the last month of this year and its time to say goodbye to this year and get ready to welcome new year. Most of us have habit of looking back at the important happenings and experiences gained in this year. Time is a great teacher as well...

The Festival of Christmas

  The festival of Christmas is a holy one. It is the day when Jesus Christ was born, on whose teachings Christianity is based. There are a lot of people in this world who follow his teachings and celebrate the merriment of this annual occasion with their friends and families...